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Image credits: Magpie Tales

Late into the night it was
Well beyond midnight I thought
In chaos, some peace I sought
But feared it was a lost cause

So I scampered and scurried
Of fleeting time, I worried

This was my only big chance
Just a few hours until dawn
Then I would be dead and gone
And from a noose, I would dance

So I dug, fast as I could
‘Neath the floor right where I stood

Tired and torn, I sat to rest
Staring at the looming clock
What I saw gave me a shock
Thought it was some crazy test

The hour hand now moved behind
And mode was set to “Rewind”

On this magic, I relied
Cast away dread, and burrowed
Soon I was on open road
With a new time on my side

There, a man waited for me
In my ear, he hissed “you’re free”…

** Posted for:
Willow Manor’s Magpie Tales – Week 41
Leo’s Z to A Challenge – Letter I (for Illusion and In reality)
Monday Poetry Potluck – Magic & Miracles, Wonder & Wizardry
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