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Image credits: Deviantart.com

Amber red leaves drifted
Over graves unmarked
As they gently lifted
Unsung spirits parked

Tranquil zephyr blowing
Softly hummed a tune
Showered kisses glowing
Up towards the moon

Days and nights went flying
With sweet scented hues
There is no denying
Autumn’s wild-eyed muse

Now the shades are leaving
Towards some new place
Whilst the Gods are weaving
Blankets of white lace

Midst of milky patches
Naked trees stand tall
As a note despatches
To Winter, from Fall

Ghosts rising from slumber
Greet a snowy day
Starry flakes of wonder
Drizzle down the way

*~*Posted for the 21st week ofย One Shot Wednesday, hosted by Pete. Please do check it out! It’s consistently amazing!!*~*

*** Also posted for Leo’s Z to A Challenge – letter F (for Fall and for Fading)… Again, a MUST VISIT !!***