Award zone

The Most Elegant Blogger Award – By Jamie (THANK YOU JAMIE! :))

I would like to pass this award to Tracy H., Ilakya, Asmita and Ankita

The Butterfly Award – by Jingle, Ankita

I would like to pass this beautiful award to Hoiden, Deadpoet88, Amanda, Cindy, Val, Lua, Janna and Jamie…

The Celebrate Poet of July Award – from Jingle

Thank You Award! – By Jingle, and to All to my Friends out here

Poetry is my Sunshine Award – By Jingle, to all my blogger friends!

Amazing Friendship and  Thank You Awards – by Morganna, Tasithoughts, Sayandeep, and Fiveloaf… love you so much!

I would love to share these with LisaAmanda, Hoiden, Ilakya, Lua, AsmitaHeartSpellDeadpoet88, Mel, ValChloe, SplashOfExpression, Abhishek, Tracy H., ChatterboxMarilynn and Alexis… 🙂 You are so patient with me… Thanks a ton for being there!!!

Perfect Poet Award – Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 26 (By the AWESOME Jingle :))

Here’s my little THANK YOU Haiku: 🙂

Gliding over leaves
I scream and thank ye poets
Awards are LOVELY!

Also, I would like to nominate Chloe and Hoiden for Week 27’s Perfect Poet 🙂 I have been reading their works for a while now, and they are ABSOLUTELY amazing!


Outstanding Blogger Award

Three amazing poets – Deadpoet88, Riika and Frayedges – honored me with this stunning award. Thank you so much!!


Award from Hoiden!!!

Lovely August Awards – from the amazing Jingle and lovely Ankita !!! Thanks a bunch, girls…


I would love to pass this to anyone who ever gets to this page… I so appreciate  your visits, you invaluable comments and your love….


Friendship Awards!!!!

I got these lovely friendship awards from Vivacious Vandana, Intelligent Ilakya, Jubilant Jingle and Jhannet and Lovely Liz… Thank You guys!!! I am thrilled! And now, I would LOVE to pass these back to them, as well as to (in no particular order): Amanda (I ADORE this lovely lady!), Charles (for his continued encouragement), Jhannet, Emmanuel, Keshav, ChloeNavdib (my new found blogger pal), Tracy H, Lawrence, Lua, Jessica, DorazDeadpoet88, Rida, Alexis, Meghana, Christine, LeslieMarilynn, Cindy(theonlycin),  Cindy(brokenpenwriter), and Lisa… I love you all!!! And I treasure your friendship! Please feel free to accept and pass these lovely awards to any blogger you feel like 🙂

Celebrate Blogger Award for Short Stories – June (by the lovely Jingle!)

Sprinkles Award – by Jingle

You Blog Is Grand Award – Thursday Poets Rally Week 25


The Sky Is the Limit Award – Thursday Poets Rally Week 25


The Most Powerful Poet Award – Thursday Poets Rally Week 25


The Most Enchanting Poet Award – Thursday Poets Rally Week 25

The Most Amiable Poet Award – Thursday Poets Rally Week 25


Jingle’s June Awards!! Partaaayyyyy!! 🙂 And a 4-liner to reflect my emotions.. Thank you ALL!!!

The blooming awards of June
Make me smile at the moon
Oh.. please don’t think I’m a lune 😉
I revel at these gifts and I croon…

The Celebrate Poet of June Award


The Spotlight Award

Spring Wishes Award


Beautiful July Awards from Jingle !!!!

Happy July Award – for the 200 (Wow!!!) Jingle Followers!!


Another beautiful Jingle Award for July!!

Jingle and Ilakya have humbled me with these lovely awards!

Nature Is My Teacher Award


Your Comments Are My Sunshine Award


I would love to share the above awards with Adam, Harshika, Rida and Brian (if they accept it ofcourse)!

One Lovely (Pink) Blog Award – From Lisa, Hoiden, DiamondsAndDogs, DeadPoet88, Fiveloaf, Jamie, MelKelley, Alexis, Riika, Weasel, Joyce and HeartSpell 🙂


Jingle just made my Saturday even better with these amazing Awards she designed herself!!! thanks a bunch, Ji!! 🙂

Golden cup Award


Thank you for your friendship


Your Blog Is Grand Award


The Most Intelligent Poet Award


Beautiful Blogger Award


The big heart award


A Haiku to celebrate the awards this week, and to each poet out there:

Deeper than oceans
Magical as potions
You bring life to all emotions…

Prolific Blogger Award – by Suzicate

I Am Happiest When U R Happy Award

The Most Promising Poet Award – Week 24

The Most Positive Poet Award – Week 24

The Most Wholesome Poet Award – Week 24

I am REALLY glad we’re friends

The Versatile Blogger Award

Promising Poet Award

Magic Touch Award

Happy 4th July!!!!

The Perfect Poet Award – Thursday Poets Rally Week 24

A haiku (my first ever) to thank Jingle for the award and to celebrate this lovely moment:

Thousand stars breaking loose
From the tree of night sky
Like grins from my lips

Also, I would like to nominate DiamondsAndDogs for the Perfect Poet Award – Thursday Poets Rally Week 25




The Most Consistent Poet Award – Thursday Poets Rally Week 23



The Most Persistent Poet Award – Thursday Poets Rally Week 23



The Most Admirable Poet Award – Thursday Poets Rally Week 23



Compassionate Blogger Award – Thursday Poets Rally Week 23



Your Creativity Makes Me Smile Award – Thursday Poets Rally Week 23

102 thoughts on “Award zone”

  1. thank you…
    what beautiful Haiku,

    loved it.

    thank you for the nomination!

    • Gee.. thank you, Ji!! I quivered while writing that Haiku… but then I’s ok… it’s mine! 🙂 Glad you liked it…
      You, quite simply, are THE BEST!!!!

  2. Awesome…you are a very special Lady 🙂

    • Aww!!! Now I’m blushing… But thank you so much!!! 🙂
      So many wishes and love coming from a blog friend… that makes you very special too, Amanda! I am most grateful to you for all your kinds words, and continued encouragement… That means a LOT to me…

      Take care, and have a peaceful weekend 🙂 By the way, how was your evening out with your closest girlfriends? I am sure you had loadsa fun! 🙂

      • Thanks Kavita, we had soooo much fun, I think we all need to do that more often in today’s fast living life. I have read back from when you started blogging….you are one very talented Lady and the world needs to know about what you do….and I’m not just saying that to be nice, I really mean it….and am so happy I have crossed paths with you!!!! You go girl 🙂

        • Oh my God!! That’s really patient of you to have taken take the time to read my older stuff…. thank you so much Amanda… I very honestly mean it!
          And such encouraging words from someone as sincere as sweet as you… that’s something for me to be very proud of!!
          This rally (thanks to Jingle) has brought me one step closer to so many wonderful poets and like thinkers, that I am thoroughly enjoying it. And I believe every comment I get on my poems, and every comment I make on others’ poems as well.. The works I’ve come across (which includes your lovely poems too) is really soooo varied and way par excellence! Till now, I used to enjoy writing poems, but now I make sure I even take time out to READ as many poem as I can in a day… Cuz the amount of stuff one learns is amazing!
          So, kudos to EACH AND EVERY poet out there… you guys are TERRIFIC!
          And Amanda, need I tell you how much I value your comments?! 🙂 Infact nowadays, I have almost started waiting for your comments on each new poem I write 🙂
          I will keep going, and so will you!! Cheers!!! xoxoxo

  3. Lots of Awards that indicate how much popular you are !!

    Great going.

    • Thanks a ton, Harshad !!! These awards are from some wonderful people that appreciate the works of many bloggers like myself… These awesome people are extremely encouraging and very supportive! I am totally indebted to them for any ‘popularity’ I may have attained 🙂
      I am now looking forward to reading your blog too…

      Take care, and have a wonderful July!

  4. DiamondsAndDogs said:

    I am flattered and humbled by the nomination. Thank you so much.

    Your haiku was beautiful, I can visualize it. Wonderful!

    • Oh… Am so glad you liked my haiku… 🙂 These lovely words coming from one of my favorite bloggers is quite an honor!
      You are soooo worthy of the Perfect Poet award… I still maintain that I am in love with your poems… they have a way of touching my heart…
      Hope you have a great week ahead!

  5. Hey Kavita… I’ve shared an award with you.. I’d be thrilled if you accepted it.. thanks 🙂



    YOU ROCK 😀


  7. Kavita, congratulations on your many beautiful and much deserved awards.

  8. letting you know that I am checking on the perfect poet award nomination,
    Happy Friday!


    three poetry awards,
    plus two general awards,
    thanks for the contribution!

  10. Hey Kavita.. ive shared 3 friendship awards with you..!! 🙂
    check it out 🙂

    • Oooooohhh…thank you so much Ilakya…this is soooooo sweet of you… yipppppeeee… AWESOME! Me loves!!
      And my sincerest apologies for the delayed acceptance and reply :(.. This was an unusally packed Sunday with friends and hubby-friend! 🙂
      Thank once again sweetheart….
      Have a fantabulous week ahead!! (mwaahhzz and hugs)

  11. Thank you very much for the Award. Much love.

  12. Thank you very much Kavita, I feel honored!

    Congratulations to everyone else!

  13. Congratulations on your awards Kavita!!! I’m not surprised you got so many- you are an outstanding poet and thank you for the friendship award! One of the best things about blogging is the chance to make new friends like you 🙂
    And I loved that haiku! You should definitely write more haikus!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Lua… that’s very sweet of you 🙂
      Yes, blogging definitely give us an opportunity to make some lovely friends.. And I am very glad I found you here !! Your works are neat and inspiring too!!!
      Oh… and you liked my Haiku?!? Whoa! thanks for the encouragement, girl.. I have written one, will post it soooooonn 😀
      Have a GORGEOUS week!

  14. thanks for the friendship treats…
    Happy Monday!

  15. Thank you, Kavita!

  16. I understand packed schedules.. 😛 and thanks for your friendship awards Kavita..!!! lots of love….!!!! hugggggggggss 😀

    • You are mooooost welcome, Ilakya!! 🙂
      And thanks for understanding…
      You Rock, lady!! (tons of hugs and kisses… Dun get bogged with them .. teehee) 😀

  17. Jessicas Japes said:

    Many thanks, Kavita. Kiss coming your way…MWAH!

  18. Thanks every so much for the friendship awards…I shall past them on to several poets and writiers.

  19. congrats…n thank u for the awards…right back at u:)

  20. Thank you for your constant warm encouragement!

    Nice to come home to after spending the day at the hospital. >:D<

    • Anytime, Lawrence…
      And I am VERY glad to see you are back home!! Yaaaayyyyyy
      Hope you are well and fit to write more of your awesome stuff!
      Looking forward to reading it now.. 🙂
      Take care, friend… (loved your dimpled smile :))

  21. wow! thats a deluge of awards…I was scrolling down…and I thought I will never see the page end 😉

    You deserve them Kavita.

    And thanks Kavita for passing on to me. Have Fun!

    • Thank you so much Keshav… I am loving the awards!! heheheh
      And as for passing the friendship awards to you, well, you are moooost welcome!! 🙂
      Hope you are having fun too… 🙂

  22. robot cupcake poetry said:

    Oh my goodness thank you! I always look forward to your insightful comments. I’m glad I’ve found an online friend like you!

    • Aww…anytime, Alexis!! The pleasure’s all mine 🙂 I really enjoy reading your thoughtful posts! They are very poignant…
      Hope you enjoyed the awards…
      Have a LOVELY week ahead!

  23. Wow, there’s a lot of love in this place. Look at all those beautiful awards. They really made me smile and you deserve everyone of them.
    X Lisa

    • Awww…thank you so much for your kind words, Lisa… You are too sweet!!
      There’s a lot of love here indeed! And we make a great community, thanks to you, and all my fellow bloggers…
      Loadsa love and hugs… 🙂

  24. You are awesome. Thank you. I will post some in my special gifts page. Thank you for thinking of me. Stay well and happy. 🙂

    • Anytime, Doraz… You are such a lovely sunshine, that if I didn’t send these to you, my days would be cloudy…
      Thanks for the lovely wishes.. and stay cool 😉


    I accepted your award,
    please pick two awards from my post and share with 1 to 10 friends…

    • Aww…thanks a bunch, Jingle… Will pick the awards, and share it too!!
      You spread so much cheer and happiness… you are a blessing to have around…thanks again!!
      Happy August!! 😀
      (much love)

  26. Jessicas Japes said:

    Thanks for the award, Kavita! Hope you have better weather over there compared to us right now!

  27. Whoa girl, I am overwhelmed, so many awards! Thank you thank you so very much!

    And congratulations to everyone who got them!

    I have been very busy/lazy about putting up an awards post, but once I do, you’ll definitely be getting a big one from me! Or a few big ones!

    Thanks 🙂

    • Awww… thanks dear… you so deserve every award, and more! Take your time… As long as you know how much I appreciate your work, I am good 🙂
      Have a lovely day!

  28. Hoho, merry christmas! Okay just joking XD I am here to give you an award, hope you like it^^~

    • Oh my my … YIPPPEEEE!!! Thank you so much, Riika!!! This is DELIGHTFUL!!! OFCOURSE I LOVE THE AWARD!!!! A perfect Sunday evening!
      Have a lovely week ahead! 🙂

  29. thanks for the nominations…

  30. Thank you Kavita for passing on those wonderful awards 😀
    A big Congrats to you on winning so many of those wonderful awards 🙂

    Keep up the wonderful work 😀 😀 😀


    • Awwww..I am glad you liked the awards…
      And thank you so much for your lovely words for me, dear friend…

      I will definitely try to keep writing for as long as I can… 🙂 I love it!!!
      Cheers to you too!! 🙂 Happy Wednesday!!

  31. wow so many????thank u so much 🙂 🙂 this is a great start to my day…cheers:)hugs:)

    • Aww…. anytime, Hoiden!! You totally deserve these and more! I am glad you liked them..
      Enjoy, and have a beautiful week ahead! 🙂
      (love and hugs to you too) 😀

  32. Thank You so sumch for sharing these awards with me… Its lovely to have a great friend like you online… The awards will definitely motivate me to write more and smile more….

    These are some awards that I will always cherish…

    Thank you once again

    • I have been reading your poems for quite sometime and really like them … so, I would like to add you to my blogroll… Let me know…

      • OH WOW!!! I am flattered, Abhishek!!! I am really glad you enjoy my poems, and to have me on your blogroll really means a lot to me!! I would be most delighted to!!! Thank you soooo much for the honor!!
        I hope you wouldn’t mind if I add you too… I am also adding you to my BlogSurfer, so that I can stay updated on your work! 🙂
        Thanks again, A…
        And have a fantastic week ahead!!!

    • Aww… you write so well, AD… you really don’t these awards to motivate you!! These were my way of saying how much I like your work, and how much I woould love to have a friend like you…
      Keep writing, my friend… you rock!! 🙂
      Take care, and enjoy a super fabulous week! 🙂

  33. Aww thanks for the Friendship Award! I would like to wish you the same 🙂

  34. I’m really sorry I’m a little late in accepting these fantastic awards.. Thanks so much Kavita.. you rock as always 🙂 mwwah

    • Awww..that’s perfectly alright, Ilakya.. Take you time…
      Glad you liked the awards.. Enzooiiieee 🙂
      Together, we rock!!! Cheers to us all!! 🙂

      Loaadsa hugs n kisses…

  35. Thank you, beautiful. You deserve all these and more.
    X Lisa

  36. Awww…..that’s so sweet of you. I am deeply touched. Thank you so much for the friendship award. Here’s sending you the same with lots of love and many hugs xoxo 🙂

    • Geee… you deserve them, Asmita!! Your poems are amazing, and you just too sweet to pass up as a friend…
      You just plain rock!!!
      Thanks for passing them back to me…that means a lot !!!
      Take care, and loadsa hugs!!! 😀

  37. Kavita!

    I want to wish a fellow LEo a happy belated birthday! I am so nonoured to be part of this community of killer, talented, spectatcular individual…

    like you!

    • Oooohhh…and here, I blush….
      I am humbled by your generosity and kind words for me, Annie! thank you… I will put them at the earliest…
      My trip to Boston over the weekend has left me drowned in a deluge of comments.. once I am done with the replies and pending visits, Awards it is!!! 😀
      I hope you understand, sweetie…. I sooo appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness… Thanks once again!
      Have a delightfully gorgeous week ahead!!! mwah mwah mwah!

  38. Yo, the partner in crime with Amanda XD~ (Just joking<3) and <3<3

    Here is an award for you, it is time to spread the happiness! ^^~

    • teeheehee.. thank you Riika!! You are my techguru from now on 🙂
      I love this happy award.. thank you so much for sharing it with me… VERY sweet of you!
      Enjoy your novel! Happy Sunday! xoxooxox

    • Yipppeee…thank you Ji!! AWESOME to come back and see such lovely awards waiting for me…. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Hurraaaayyyyy
      A very happy week to you, my lovely friend..

  39. Good morning!

    I am here to present you the award Sweet Princess :D~ as well as another 3 awards for you! =P

    Have a fun week ahead!=P

    • Wooohooooo… THANK YOU so much, Riika darling!! You are just amazing!!!

      Me loviez you, and these wonderful awards by you….yaaahhooo!!!

      You take care, dear girl..

  40. How are you?

    Hope you well.
    Never meant to upset you or discourage you..Let me know how is everything when you have a moment, I emailed you three and in case you need help with tonight’s potluck post, let me know.

    Communication helps, if you disagree, let me know…
    disapprove this comment if you wish.
    Happy Sunday!

    • Thanks for asking, Ji… I totally understand… and yes, communication sure helps!
      I hope you are liking the way we are managing the potluck with Riika/Leo’s assistance…

      Thanks for the encouragement, girl…
      Luv ya!

  41. Angela Cohan said:

    Congratulations to you for creating a wonderful site. I’m passing you the awards.

    • Ohh… thank you so much for your kindest words and for the lovely sunshine award, Angela.. it really is very sweet of you!! I am so pleased that you like my poems/blog… thanks again!!!
      Will be visiting you very soon…
      Take care, friend…


    please help pay a visit to riika and leo today to wish them well..
    Thanks a ton.
    u rock!
    Happy Monday!
    See you at potluck!

    • 🙂 By the time, I am replying to this message, Riika and Leo are already fit and fine! And that’s great 🙂
      But that really was a very nice gesture,Ji… thank you..

  43. The Celebrate Poet of Spring 2011 Awards: Awesome and well deserved! ~becca~

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