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Image Credits: CrackBag @ DeviantArt.com

Please stay away from me
I can hurt your feelings
…real bad…
I can play with your mind
like it were a yo-yo
I can make you do things
that’ll make you plead and cry
I can crumple you like paper
and toss you aeons away

Please don’t come any closer
I am a ball of fire
ready to scorch you down
at the slightest fuel you provide
I am a billowing storm
of clouds you can’t see through
no matter how hard you try
I am a wall of ice
stinging, biting into your skin
and refusing to melt
I am an ocean of darkness
abysmal in its form
whose end you cannot reach

Please maintain your distance
I did what I could
in your best interest
to keep you from me
I tried all I could
to coerce you into
building hatred for me
I managed all I could
in burning all bridges
ever built between you and me

If now you get burned
or destroyed or drowned
Please don’t ever dare
to tell me I didn’t warn

I’ll just laugh my wildest laughs
Cast at you my flaming look
Lift you by your stringy throat
Watch you blink your bulgy eyes
And say, “I told you so…
Then… I’ll just let you go…

**Submitted for One Shot Wednesday (the last one for the year 2010)… Do check out the stunning collection of poems here… **