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Sheets seem to ruffle
And bodies shuffle
Moments pass
Dreams amass
A peck on my cheek
And I feel soft and weak
I open an eye, I’m groggy
My thoughts blurred and foggy
Am I just in another dream, I ask
While in his warm gaze, I fondly bask
A relaxed smile, and I am back to sleep
This wondrous memory is for me to keep
And here, I silently hope he plants it again
While for this second kiss, I wait and I yen
And lo and behold, to me he has returned
And a sweet kiss on my nose I’ve earned
“See you soon, my sleepy sweetheart”
Are words I hear, before we part
And now I lay, my only sorrow
A day long wait until ‘morrow
Lazy, I roll, snuggle, turn
Fit passions in my urn
Until again that kiss
Oh! What a bliss



** My entry for this week’s Magpie Tales. Do find time to check it out the other stories… **

***The style here is an inspiration from Brian Miller‘s awesome 160, called Roots of my Poet~tree. When I had first seen/read it (a couple of weeks ago), I was so taken by it that I thought of doing something similar myself. Later, the thought completely eluded my mind. And then, yesterday, I saw the Magpie prompt, and as I was framing the poem in my mind, I saw a picture – that of an urn… and finally decided to take a shot at the style.. I am not sure if it’s turned out alright, but I am glad I tried. Thanks Brian!!! πŸ™‚Β ***