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I saw a little girl
Suckling at sweet candy
Feeling nice and dandy
Dancing in a swirl

I saw a little girl
Pure as a white dove
Generous with her love
Her arms to all unfurl

I saw a little girl
Chasing butterflies
Free beneath the skies
Watching yoyos whirl

I saw a little girl
She had an impish smile
That widened like the Nile
Had the glint of a pearl

I saw a litle girl
To mom, she was a handful
Effervescent and playful
Like tresses of her curl

Now, before I lash and hurl
Into the mirror I glance
I leap, I grin at chance
Cuz in me, I see that little girl

**Posted for One Shot Wednesday, hosted by Adam Dustus this week! Please do check out the amazing works of the poets here… **