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What once was your voice that sounded so gentle
Now feels like the rattling of a million bones
Our picture that once proudly adorned the mantle
Now lies in disarray, mutilated with stones

You are a fiend. You betrayed me!

What once used to be a song for you of praise
Now spews out of my mouth like some putrid bile
Your smile that once gave my hopes a raise
Now sits as an open slash, and to me appears vile

You are cruel. You deserve this!

What used to once flow like a stream of love
Now spurts from my red vein, as green blood
My heart that once soared like a peaceful dove
Now flails, chokes and drowns in envy’s flood

You broke my heart. You slayed my emotions!

How once on a flowery path with you I walked
Now a blanket of thorns over it is thrown
Where once, we unfurled our souls and talked
Alas.. now the seeds of distrust are sown

It was all my fault. Only I am to blame…