Smoked pearls


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Image shot by me at an Italian trattoria in Key West

You dance on a glazed iris
like a frozen flame
eager to burn
the very air
that breathes life into it

You pacify a rigid mind
like a cool breeze
ready to salve
a tense volcano
on the verge of explosion

You leap into action
like a snoozing engine
eager to roll
at the slightest touch
of rekindled embers

You make the blood rush
like a devious joy ride
one moment in the sky
the next, rolling down
with a thundering force

They say you are a tease
waiting to appease
a morose king
a jubilant beggar
a broken heart
a mended soul

They say you lure
They say you cure
Yet I know
you are but a liquid genie
trapped in an amber bottle
– no more –
– no less –
Sometimes kind
Sometimes vile
but always looking
at the world outside
with a resigned smirk

**After 2 weeks of inaction (no thanks to my own laziness and to the dreadful writer’s block), this week I decided to break those chains by writing a poem – and I dedicate it to the awesome poets at d’VersePoets Pub – OpenLinkNight… Cheers, peeps!! This round’s on me… alright?! ­čÖé **


Pixelated memory


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I had recently clicked this in Key West... ofcourse I Gimp'd it a bit so it "suited" this poem ­čÖé

Gestures flashed
like ominous streaks
of steely lightning

Words rolled
like metal beads
off a snapped nylon cord

Emotions flowed
like molten lava
from a furious volcano

Sparks flew
like limpid feathers
on a still Autumn eve

Silence pervaded
like an eerie calm
after a brutal raging storm

…. Then you were gone….
With the stars in my eyes
silently exploding
into a monotony
of nothingness
And all I could do
was stand there
looking at you
ashen faced
while you
into an
urn of

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Unspoken message


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Image credits: str4y@DeviantArt

His raspy voice
beckoned me to turn
– to get a fleeting glimpse –
of the dead smile
that uncouthly flaunted
his broken incisor

His void eyes
stole my attention
– made me wince –
at the ashen skin
that gaily hung
from his sallow face

His limp gait
made me follow him
– down the deserted alley –
with eerie streetlights
that proudly emboldened
his gaping sore

And yet somehow,

His gaunt fingers
held my breath
– between the tuned strings –
of his greying guitar
that completed a scrawny image
of his receding silhouette…

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World at odds


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Image credits: VanthMithra @ DeviantArt

Abort violence
Nip the weed
at its very root
so it never grows
into a symbol of vile

Decapitate terrorism
with a heavy axe
so it doesn’t dare
to raise its ugly head
against humanity

Make a promise
to honor the martyrs
with a handmade wreath
of bone and deceit
interlaced with perfection

Rally for peace
by tossing a grenade
and razing all
that obstruct the march
towards a bloody calm…

Guard with spears
Flood with tears
Barricade with fears
this winding path
 ~ to  that dreamed of Utopia ~

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Permeating mist


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Image credits: Mr.Rat @ DeviantArt

By the pier
I watch the ripples move me
I hear them laugh
– at my na├»vet├ę –

I scoop the teacup in my hands
I smell its vapors rise
– towards my judgement –

I witness the boats sway
I listen to them complain
– about my obliviousness –

I devour the vista
while it frets
– over a faraway storm –

**Posted for G-Man’s fantastic Friday Flash 55… Mr. G, sorry about not posting a 55 in weeks! My inspiration barometer has been showing an all time low for a while now.. ­čśŽ But today, I was just thinking about you, and then I see your comment on my previous post, and what with the storm and all, I simply HAD TO put up a 55er!! Love you tons, my friend!!! **

Indelibly stained


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Image Credits: sketchonme@DeviantArt

You were once
that faithful friend
with a wooden shoulder
to cry on

You could have been
so much more…

Yet you chose
to be just a fistful
of dead leaves
picked and rolled,
coaxed and cajoled
into a chamber
Of suffocation,
Of humiliation
waiting to be smelt
– to be consumed –
by a lustful mouth
that holds the power
to set you free
into an irreversible swirl
– of smoke –

Now here you lie
on a deserted crossroad
of grey ashes,
trying to choose
between the void of uncertainty
and the certain path to hell

You could have been
so much more…

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Arms wide open…


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Image credits: This beautiful painting is by LeonidaFremov.. and I saw it @

Shush not your footfalls
I can hear them move
behind the curtain
of a timid zephyr

Dampen not your warmth
I can taste its fullness
from the urn
of a melting sun

Efface not your smile
I can see it arc
upon the froth
of crashing waves

Withdraw not your presence
I can feel its weight
midst the rustle
of amber leaves

Bury not your fragrance
I can smell its richness
in the birth
of autumnal showers

Tease me not
with your impish ways
While I lie in wait
beyond all summers
for your coveted kiss
…yet another time…
While I herald
the chirruping harbingers
of your crisp arrival
…yet another time…

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Brine and Vinegar


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Image clicked by me in an atypical New York cafe

Where smiles flew and teardrops streamed
Emotions stood still, pickled in a jar

Wars were fought and blood was drained
But souls remained, pickled in a jar

Words had charmed few shallow minds
Yet fear prevailed, pickled in a jar

Bounds were crossed, and sanctums snatched
But secrets lived, pickled in a jar

The sands of time kept rolling on
With shimmering waves pickled in a jar

An endless night gave a nervous laugh
But the morning sun sat pickled in a jar

Like a forlorn poem, Kavita sighed
Her void thoughts lying pickled in a jar…

**Posted for FormForAll @ d’VersePoets… and when I saw that the form for this week is Ghazals, I simply had to try it myself!! I loved it… and I hope you too take the time to explore this beautiful form of poetry, and while at it, have fun!! **

Confoundedly simple…


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Image Credits: RomanticFae@DeviantArt

by laced veils
of broken thought
I wonder if I want
to really be seen

to these pillars
of unyielding resolve
I suspect the strength
of my pliant will

by a shroud
of crystal emotions
I search the depths
of my hardened heart

by tentacles
of unwelcome dreams
I gasp for a breath
of some noxious chance

And yet
Here I am…

by the aura
of a glowing spirit
Ready to soar
into the vastness
of unending skies

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An uncalibrated shift


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Image Credits: wb_skinner@DeviantArt

First a few driblets
like a misty spray of fate
Across hopeful faces
in the midst of a drought

Then a fragile stream
through mystic woods
in baby bursts of elation

Then a splendid waterfall
with an unstoppable force
As strong as
the thirst for life

Then a determined river
Sometimes narrow for thought
Sometimes broad as the horizon
Its tributaries creeping quietly
Until the ultimate merge

Then a magnificent ocean
Struck by passing storms
But housing
islands of unperturbed sanctity
Yet raging
for attention at the shores

Finally a seething tide
Trying to adhere
to sands of a glassy promise
Yet ebbing
into realms of a briny embrace

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Reverse progression


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Image credits: Joane@DeviantArt

A stray notion
that once wandered freely
Now wrought
Heavily fraught
by the gravity of ennui

A zealous nerve
that once was a messenger
Now slain
With disdain
into an untraversed groove

A living cell
that once housed purity
Now stranded
Brutally branded
as a chamber of disgrace

A solemn mind
that once was a monastery
Now invaded
Slowly pervaded
by a flood of toxic nihility

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Tilted over…


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Image credits: liuanta @ Deviant Art

Drawn by a torque into
the immense whirlpool
of unfrozen memories
I observe them drip
timidly slip
on the other side
Until one pink morn
a faint realization dawns
while eternity has set in

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On sacred grounds…


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Image credits: X_psyco_thingy_X@DeviantArt

of hued
notion in
the trough
of my hand,
A pitcher of
fluid mystique
never to run dry,
I build my fortress
over a serene shore
of midnight dreams
Its base sitting cosy
in an earthy passion
Its defined contours
luring hungry waves
into leaping up to its
demure, elegant lines
Its acme bowing to the
stars smiling at its beauty
Its very existence, a beacon
of radiant hope to all mortals
stranded on the seas of tedium

**Posted for the Welcome “construction” theme at dVersePoets… Cheers to new beginnings!! ­čśÇ **

Mushroom cloud of disgust


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Image credits:Tess Kincaid@Magpie Tales

Together they watch
while their sweat is charred
but not by toil,
while theirs hearts are crushed
but not by an angry lover,
while their clothes are smeared
but not by the spilt pigments

Together┬áthey’re drowning
in a man-made reservoir of hate,
Secretly praying for a raft
that’ll carry them to safety
as they throw their fears overboard,
While constantly listening
to their own silent cries
– their subdued sighs –
fall on deaf ears
with thorny walls of greed

Yet together some day,
their silent cries will reincarnate
as a thundering bellow
and resurface
on calmer waters
of mango smelling summers
and warm rains
of unadulterated love

**Posted for Magpie Tales (week 73) – where a picture definitely worth more than a thousand words…**

*** Posted as a humble tribute to all those affected in any way by the recent terrible blasts in Mumbai (Bombay)… A life taken with force is not just another statistic or a means to prove anything… it still is a life taken with force, a life ended brutally, a life that didn’t deserve what it got! ­čśą ***



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Image credits: Butterfly image by Iviforever@DA; Eggs image by punkcheerleader@DA; superimposition and other editing by me

Under the old bridge
where broken dreams hibernate
with moss growing over
and a drying river limping by,
is a dragon being spawned
– ready to spew fire
at the first foot
that tries to trample it-
It feeds on
the same broken dreams,
growing stronger
with every passing moment
waiting to unleash itself
on the vacant eyes
that saw through it
and refused to believe
in its fiery existence

Once a laughing-stock,
it’ll now bemock the fatuous vanity,
thrash the crazed absurdity
and mark its territory
under the same old bridge
of a stereotypical world…

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Forbidden landscapes


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The original painting is a Vincent Van Gogh creation, and it's titled "Wheat field with rising sun". The credits for this digitized image here go to Tess Kincaid@Magpie Tales

She watched
as honeyed rays
dripped with warmth,
spilling their zest
all over town,
painting it gold

She smiled
as downy soft spores
absently brushed against
another pollen shoulder (or two)
while on their hurried paths
to a yearning flower

She sighed
like the gentle breeze
that in its achromaticity,
seemed to carry
a colorful tune
to every ear that cared to pause

She thought
with a hint of wistfulness
how all seemed
so beautiful there
from this side of a rigid fence

**Posted for Magpie Tales (week 72) – get inspired, and see how the others were inspired by this prompt **

Chaser of reminiscences


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I saw this artwork on a sidewalk in West Village, NYC.. I loved it and simply HAD TO click it!

Wading in marshy shallow pools
of misery
Like a lotus with baby skin petals
of white
He tries to hold colored droplets
of memory
In the craving soft hollow
of his palm
While they slip into dark chambers
of fate
And he’s left by himself in deserts
of time…

In billowy gusts that erased his castles
of sand
He thought he’d seen the flushing greens
of an oasis
While they were only the fading blurs
of a mirage…

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Singularly enigmatic


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Image credits: riamali@DeviantArt

Sometimes a mercurial drop
In an ebony ocean of fireflies
Sometimes a saucerful of cream
Waiting to be tasted by lovers’ eyes

Sometimes invisible
Too tired to acquiesce to a whim
Sometimes in full glory
With dazzle flowing over the brim

Sometimes a silver streak
Shying behind a greyzed veil
Sometimes a paper lantern
Throwing off glances yellowy pale

Sometimes a mystery
Abyssal.. in whom we willingly sink
Sometimes an open book
Written with clear magnetic ink

Sometimes an old friend
Guiding you when darkness surrounds
Sometimes a deadly foe
Invoking iniquity in sleeping hounds

Sometimes unreachable
Farthest from every known land
Sometimes in close proximity
Like fire in the cup of my hand

**Posted for One Shot Wednesday┬á– the altar for poets! Offer your poems here… and feel blessed!! ┬áThis week, the team @ One Stop Poetry celebrate their FIRST birthday… yes, it’s 52 weeks since the first OSW.. yaaaaaaaaaaayyy! Happy Birthday y’all… and please accept this poem as a little gift from me… ­čÖé Love y’all loads!!**

Under the influence


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Goblet@Google Images; Heart by Zueuk@DeviantArt; Superimposition done by me

Seep into my skin
Feel your presence
in every pore of me

Flow alongside my blood
Sense it in my veins
with every glance at you

Plunge into my heart
Hear it wildly
with your name splashed across

Gnaw at my soul
Read deliberately
while the indelible ink
reveals nothing
– but you –

**Thanks to the immensely dark poems I have been writing of late, I felt the NEED to write something a little tangential to “dark”.. and ┬áthis is what I came up with, in just about 5.5 minutes.. ­čÖé … I dedicate it to my awesome husband, and am posting it for G-Man’s Super Fun Friday Flash 55… For stories/poems/all other stuff in EXACTLY 55 words, this is THE place to be, folks! ­čÖé **

Restricted release


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The entire background image by kiarawphotography@DeviantArt; The hand image by FragileW@DeviantArt... The superimposition and other color editing by me!!

From the murky cellars
of my punitive mind
have escaped thoughts
breaking loose from every clutch
– unhinged and unchained –

I desperately attempt
to arrest once again
managing only to restrain
their muffled cries
as they pierce through
the insides of my brain
only to resurface
on the waters of reality
and swim hurriedly
to the brink of certainty

All I know is
the harder I try
the louder is their silent cry

In protest as I disown
the jarring effect
of a story gone awry,
it comes back with force
to affect the same cellars
that have now run dry

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Armed with poise


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Image credits: Photograph by thrumyeye @DeviantArt; Selective coloring by me

His majestic self
perched on the edge
of life’s roof
in the lull of moonless nights

He watches
the odd squirrel
wiggle its way up a tree
He wonders
if the deadly snake
will lunge for the sitting duck
He knows
it’s now time to announce himself

Is he, the silent observer

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Spiraling psyche


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Image Credits: Tess Kincaid@Magpie Tales

When it began
She felt her fingers
just one twitch away
from a gripping harness
of her unabated restlessness

She saw herself
just one turn away
from a fast gyrating life
split with a double-edged knife

She felt her pulse
just one thump away
from being cast with treachery
into that bottomless lake of misery

And yet
She hoped to be
just one thought away
from the safe reviving arms
mustering force to drown her qualms

She fixed her gaze
just one focus away
from matters of the past
that had dark shadows cast

Until finally
She knew she was
just one conch away
from the soothing aria
of a deep sea-green panacea

**Posted for Magpie Tales – Week 69! Here, check out what the other amazing writers had to say when prompted with the above image… **

Combustible glory…


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Image credits: qazinahin@DeviantArt

Your dancing flicker
is like some shrill laugh
in the pitted caverns within my mind

Your faint glow
is like a moaning ghost
me at my accomplishments now dead

Your intoxicating aroma
is a buttermilk dream
down unexplored gorges of my heart

Your seared wick
is that unreachable goal
me to feel it while it’s red-hot

Your waxen smoothness
is my warm desire
slowly into a grey nothingness

Your annealed remnants
are my silenced dreams
desperately for another vain life

**Posted for One Shot Wednesday (Golden Jubilee week… yaaayyy)!! Seriously, if you are craving for some terrific poetry form the heart, you GOTTA check this place out! You are destined to love it! **

‘Politeness’ for dummies


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Image Credits:moon_shaped@DeviantArt

When you came to me
Asking if I could aid
I felt a sense of pride
That in me you saw an aide
And with no second thought
I jumped in on your blade

When I followed rules
That were made to terrorize
I kept saying to myself
It’s only to harmonize
Not once did I suspect
Your intent to dramatize

When I cleaned the mess
That you had left behind
I sure did not expect
For you to pay in kind
Neither did I have
Your ‘thank you’ in my mind

But when I offer you
A piece of my advice
You may like it; you may not
That’s a roll of dice
But assume some good manners
And just be a little nice

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Picture-perfect pair..


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Image credits: Tess Kincaid@Magpie Tales

He, of a tanned face
She, with olive grace
Together, making pulses race

He, with his vitreous glare
She, with brazen flair
Together, had a bold affair

He, of knightly renown
She, in her flowing gown
Together, were talk of the town

He, waxed into time
She, unable to mime
Together, displayed for a dime

**Posted for G-Man’s FANTASTIC┬áFriday Flash 55┬áAND for┬áthe awesome Magpie Tales (week 68) !! Take a peek at both of these super cool sites, and have a truck load of fun!! Cheerioz… :D**

***Don’t ask me how this WOW image Tess picked inspired me to write this poem! All I know is, the moment I saw the image, I was totally tempted to write something EXACTLY like this… hehhe ***