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Image: Madison Square Park, 2011

The way you look at me
Those kohl rimmed eyes of an impish fawn
Crows feet playing oars to a fisherman at dawn
I see two of me quivering in those brown irises
Like unsteady static on a television screen at midnight
The right corner of your lips
twisted into an infinitesimally small dip
Who knows what’s behind that elusive smile
Perhaps stories that run a thousand miles?
Those high cheekbones
like pedestals and sacred stones
for your deepest emotions can moor
Do I see a hint of rose?
That solitary long stray strand
swinging and flapping like a celebratory riband
tickling me more than it does you

That way you look at me
Stripping me of my ego, superficialities, false pride and all
Chastise me not, if I were to trip and fall