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Image credits: Kavita Rao

Image shot from Brooklyn Bride, NY. Credits: Kavita Rao


In that one moment
Where each pixel stretched
from one frame
to the jagged edge of the next,
Where shadows
were mere dancing ghouls
of a strangely nomadic past,
Where humanoid forms
tautened to the craggiest peak
of their stringy existence,
Where images raced to and fro
like nervous vibrations
from a newly born strum,
Where now and beyond
were the two faces
of identical twins separated at birth
Where all that was dead and inert
sprang to life,
Where all that was living
was set into feverish locomotion

All that remained still
All that remained fixed
– transfixed –
Was I

*Sometimes it takes moments, but sometimes, even MONTHS fall short, to get an idea worth typing. But when such a thought does make an appearance, it finds its way onto paper (in my case, on to some screen or the other) ๐Ÿ™‚
Dedicating this thought today to the incomparable Open Link Night at D’VersePoets Pub – clink your versed up glasses, and have fun!*