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Photography and image editing - Kavita

Photography and image editing – Kavita

As the navy pigments
fade into embers of saffron
infused in tints of rose
And as time settles its dispute
between bygones and morrows,
today has lazily set in
– behind the stretched landscape –
– above the river’s mist –
– grazing her edifices and steeples –
She awakens like she does each day
Her smell reaching my nose
– Not of burnt cigars –
– Not of rough pavements –
But of sacred ashes
scattered among snaking railroads,
And of an old tea house
at the corner of my street
serving life in little cups

And my heart whimpers
in nervous exhilaration
as she – yet again –
whispers to me
She’s mine and I, hers

**Also posting for Open Link Night at d’VersePoets pub… the craziest place in town, where every hour is happy hour! **