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Image credits: Google images for the bird silhouette; Other editing, layering and artwork done by me

Image credits: Google images for the basic bird silhouette; Texturing, layering and artwork done by me

Every day and every night
I hear you
call out to your kin
Your song
– rising above the sounds of the city –
– shying behind the rustle of summer –
– travelling afloat Hudsonian waters –
You remind me
of an exuberant rainbow
now faded into a monochrome of grey
You remind me
of that beautiful verse
now buried beneath the heavy pages
of my favorite book
You remind me
of my unchained thoughts
that somehow lost their way
in dark alleys of ennui

I might be a stranger to you
– to me even –
but you are no stranger to me
I see myself in every feather of yours
I hear my dream in every flight of yours…

**Dedicated to that awesome bird (whom I’m yet to catch a glimpse of) who has been giving me company even in the wee hours of the night for the past one month (at the very least). He (or she) keeps singing the same song over and over again, in the same tempo… and NO, I’m not at all bored by it. I only wish I could see the throat that emits this tune, day in day out.
And I REALLY WISH it could read my post 🙂 **

**Also posting this for the 100th week of Open Link Night at dVersePoets pub… If you haven’t already gotten high here, it’s high time you did! 🙂 And join me in wishing these awesome folks a veeeery happy 100th!! Woohoo… **