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“An eye that dreamt”
Image capture, editing, rendering and color extraction done by Kavita

Look at me, how I sit here trying hard,
pen in hand and a sheet of page in front:
To scribble a word and be called a bard;
Of muse’s wrath, instead, I bear the brunt.
I beseech her to come to me one more time,
pacing back and forth, reaching my wit’s end;
Watching morose clocks of wordlessness chime,
my broken poetic cord I try to mend.
Her silent laughs through clouds of hush I hear,
mocking me at my moment of despair;
While from my red eye, slips a lonely tear
screaming her name through ripples in the air.

Wait! Are those the footfalls that have returned?
For words I feel; my listlessness has burned.

**Posted for Poetics: ‘First Times’ @ d’VersePoets… The folks here make me do things I have never done before.. like write a Shakespearean Sonnet! πŸ™‚ And that too, at a time when I am experiencing my all-time poetic low! Seriously, when decent poetic words are hard to come by, these guys fill me with inspiration! CANNOT thank y’all enough, d’Versers!! **