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Clicked and edited by me…

Like draff brimming with ennui and insipidity
Draff, swelling with pasts, breaches, gnaws, creeps

Brimming with untethered tears, tomorrow keels over

With past’s tears so easily shattering me
Ennui breaches tomorrow, easily crushing thought’s cell
And gnaws, keels, shattering thoughts passing by

Insipidity creeps over me – cell….. by….. cell

*Try reading the poem horizontally or vertically…it should read the same :)*

**This 7 X 7 square poem has been written and posted for Form for All – Square Poems @ d’VersePoets… A place where learning and fun go hand in hand :).. And while you are here, check out the awesome created by others as well…you’ll be stunned! **