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Reflections through my lens vis-a-vis Reflections in word

Alone among myriads
When words become scattered droplets
and reality, some sheer film of mist,
A singular reflected ray of light
grabs me by the ankle
and before vanishing, it says,
“look for me when you need me most…
If you find me, I am yours to hold
If you don’t, you’ll seek me
till you choose to forget”
And among the shivering shimmers on the surface,
Where truths ripple and lies fold over,
Where smiling masks float yet eyes plead guilty,
A lone image befriends…

**This poem marks the end of my hiatus from blogging and versing (thankfully!)… ๐Ÿ™‚ And I am posting it for Week 40 ofย OpenLinkNight @ d’VersePoetsย – where awesomeness happens! **