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Image credits: Tess Kincaid@Magpie Tales

She lay on the bed
Her arms extended
ever so listlessly
Her lips quivering
with a waxed passion
Her tresses arranged
in careless swirls…

Her skin radiating
a lingering warmth
of some passing summer
Her singular tear
with the ripping force
of a bursting volcano…

Her eyes searching
through the myriad pores
on the plastered ceiling
For one glimpse of return…
For one moment of benign sparkle…
For just one sign
Of he who had kept
– Of he who had left –
her lying on the bed
with her arms extended
ever so listlessly…

**Posted for Week 104 of Magpie Tales and for Week 31 of Open Link Night @ d’versepoets – the two poetic haunts you will never get tired of! **

*** Oh, and by the way, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!! πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀ ***