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Image credits: Tess@Magpie Tales (with some editing by me)

I heard your voice
fade into a lingering shadow
of a hoarse whisper

I felt your presence
melt into a stagnant puddle
of diluted memories

I watched you
slip into the recesses
of a pale obscurity

Wells have run dry
Trails have gone cold
Your teacup lay untouched
Your chair by the window rocked…
– empty –

And yet today,
when every sign of you
is ready to evaporate,
There awakens a sleeping candle
in a guarded corner of my heart
And I see your name
dancing in the flame
Teasing me
Nudging me
Telling me you aren’t
too far from my staccato thoughts
Telling me you are
wherever I choose you to be

I’m vacillating hopelessly between
an eclipse of the forgotten
and a penumbra of potent tomorrows…

*** Posted for Week HUNDRED of Magpie Tales at the Willow Manor, and for this week’s Open Link Night at d’Verse Poets Pub! These are 2 of my favorite haunts, and they ought to be yours too!! ***

** Oh, and heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to Tess on a CLASSIC CENTURY of Magpies!!! YOU ROCK!!!! Wooohoooo…**