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Image credits: Mr.Rat @ DeviantArt

By the pier
I watch the ripples move me
I hear them laugh
– at my naïveté –

I scoop the teacup in my hands
I smell its vapors rise
– towards my judgement –

I witness the boats sway
I listen to them complain
– about my obliviousness –

I devour the vista
while it frets
– over a faraway storm –

**Posted for G-Man’s fantastic Friday Flash 55… Mr. G, sorry about not posting a 55 in weeks! My inspiration barometer has been showing an all time low for a while now.. 😦 But today, I was just thinking about you, and then I see your comment on my previous post, and what with the storm and all, I simply HAD TO put up a 55er!! Love you tons, my friend!!! **