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Image clicked by me in an atypical New York cafe

Where smiles flew and teardrops streamed
Emotions stood still, pickled in a jar

Wars were fought and blood was drained
But souls remained, pickled in a jar

Words had charmed few shallow minds
Yet fear prevailed, pickled in a jar

Bounds were crossed, and sanctums snatched
But secrets lived, pickled in a jar

The sands of time kept rolling on
With shimmering waves pickled in a jar

An endless night gave a nervous laugh
But the morning sun sat pickled in a jar

Like a forlorn poem, Kavita sighed
Her void thoughts lying pickled in a jar…

**Posted for FormForAll @ d’VersePoets… and when I saw that the form for this week is Ghazals, I simply had to try it myself!! I loved it… and I hope you too take the time to explore this beautiful form of poetry, and while at it, have fun!! **