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Image credits:Tess Kincaid@Magpie Tales

Together they watch
while their sweat is charred
but not by toil,
while theirs hearts are crushed
but not by an angry lover,
while their clothes are smeared
but not by the spilt pigments

Together they’re drowning
in a man-made reservoir of hate,
Secretly praying for a raft
that’ll carry them to safety
as they throw their fears overboard,
While constantly listening
to their own silent cries
– their subdued sighs –
fall on deaf ears
with thorny walls of greed

Yet together some day,
their silent cries will reincarnate
as a thundering bellow
and resurface
on calmer waters
of mango smelling summers
and warm rains
of unadulterated love

**Posted for Magpie Tales (week 73) – where a picture definitely worth more than a thousand words…**

*** Posted as a humble tribute to all those affected in any way by the recent terrible blasts in Mumbai (Bombay)… A life taken with force is not just another statistic or a means to prove anything… it still is a life taken with force, a life ended brutally, a life that didn’t deserve what it got! 😥 ***