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Image credits: Butterfly image by Iviforever@DA; Eggs image by punkcheerleader@DA; superimposition and other editing by me

Under the old bridge
where broken dreams hibernate
with moss growing over
and a drying river limping by,
is a dragon being spawned
– ready to spew fire
at the first foot
that tries to trample it-
It feeds on
the same broken dreams,
growing stronger
with every passing moment
waiting to unleash itself
on the vacant eyes
that saw through it
and refused to believe
in its fiery existence

Once a laughing-stock,
it’ll now bemock the fatuous vanity,
thrash the crazed absurdity
and mark its territory
under the same old bridge
of a stereotypical world…

**Posted for the amazing One Shot Wednesday (Week 54) – a place where poets find comfort… Check it out, relax.. and have fun! **