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The original painting is a Vincent Van Gogh creation, and it's titled "Wheat field with rising sun". The credits for this digitized image here go to Tess Kincaid@Magpie Tales

She watched
as honeyed rays
dripped with warmth,
spilling their zest
all over town,
painting it gold

She smiled
as downy soft spores
absently brushed against
another pollen shoulder (or two)
while on their hurried paths
to a yearning flower

She sighed
like the gentle breeze
that in its achromaticity,
seemed to carry
a colorful tune
to every ear that cared to pause

She thought
with a hint of wistfulness
how all seemed
so beautiful there
from this side of a rigid fence

**Posted for Magpie Tales (week 72) – get inspired, and see how the others were inspired by this prompt **