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Image credits: riamali@DeviantArt

Sometimes a mercurial drop
In an ebony ocean of fireflies
Sometimes a saucerful of cream
Waiting to be tasted by lovers’ eyes

Sometimes invisible
Too tired to acquiesce to a whim
Sometimes in full glory
With dazzle flowing over the brim

Sometimes a silver streak
Shying behind a greyzed veil
Sometimes a paper lantern
Throwing off glances yellowy pale

Sometimes a mystery
Abyssal.. in whom we willingly sink
Sometimes an open book
Written with clear magnetic ink

Sometimes an old friend
Guiding you when darkness surrounds
Sometimes a deadly foe
Invoking iniquity in sleeping hounds

Sometimes unreachable
Farthest from every known land
Sometimes in close proximity
Like fire in the cup of my hand

**Posted for One Shot WednesdayΒ – the altar for poets! Offer your poems here… and feel blessed!! Β This week, the team @ One Stop Poetry celebrate their FIRST birthday… yes, it’s 52 weeks since the first OSW.. yaaaaaaaaaaayyy! Happy Birthday y’all… and please accept this poem as a little gift from me… πŸ™‚ Love y’all loads!!**