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Goblet@Google Images; Heart by Zueuk@DeviantArt; Superimposition done by me

Seep into my skin
Feel your presence
in every pore of me

Flow alongside my blood
Sense it in my veins
with every glance at you

Plunge into my heart
Hear it wildly
with your name splashed across

Gnaw at my soul
Read deliberately
while the indelible ink
reveals nothing
– but you –

**Thanks to the immensely dark poems I have been writing of late, I felt the NEED to write something a little tangential to “dark”.. and Β this is what I came up with, in just about 5.5 minutes.. πŸ™‚ … I dedicate it to my awesome husband, and am posting it for G-Man’s Super Fun Friday Flash 55… For stories/poems/all other stuff in EXACTLY 55 words, this is THE place to be, folks! πŸ™‚ **