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The entire background image by kiarawphotography@DeviantArt; The hand image by FragileW@DeviantArt... The superimposition and other color editing by me!!

From the murky cellars
of my punitive mind
have escaped thoughts
breaking loose from every clutch
– unhinged and unchained –

I desperately attempt
to arrest once again
managing only to restrain
their muffled cries
as they pierce through
the insides of my brain
only to resurface
on the waters of reality
and swim hurriedly
to the brink of certainty

All I know is
the harder I try
the louder is their silent cry

In protest as I disown
the jarring effect
of a story gone awry,
it comes back with force
to affect the same cellars
that have now run dry

**Posted for the 51st week of the EVER-STUNNING One Shot Wednesday – the shrine for poets!! Link in your poem, read some, and simply have a gala time!! 🙂 **