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Image Credits:moon_shaped@DeviantArt

When you came to me
Asking if I could aid
I felt a sense of pride
That in me you saw an aide
And with no second thought
I jumped in on your blade

When I followed rules
That were made to terrorize
I kept saying to myself
It’s only to harmonize
Not once did I suspect
Your intent to dramatize

When I cleaned the mess
That you had left behind
I sure did not expect
For you to pay in kind
Neither did I have
Your ‘thank you’ in my mind

But when I offer you
A piece of my advice
You may like it; you may not
That’s a roll of dice
But assume some good manners
And just be a little nice

**Posted for Poetry Potluck (Week 39 – Theme: Dictatorship, Autocracy and Despotism) – the coolest place for some fantastic poetry! Link in, read on, and simply ENJOY!!! **