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Image credits: Tess Kincaid@Magpie Tales

He, of a tanned face
She, with olive grace
Together, making pulses race

He, with his vitreous glare
She, with brazen flair
Together, had a bold affair

He, of knightly renown
She, in her flowing gown
Together, were talk of the town

He, waxed into time
She, unable to mime
Together, displayed for a dime

**Posted for G-Man’s FANTASTICΒ Friday Flash 55Β AND forΒ the awesome Magpie Tales (week 68) !! Take a peek at both of these super cool sites, and have a truck load of fun!! Cheerioz… :D**

***Don’t ask me how this WOW image Tess picked inspired me to write this poem! All I know is, the moment I saw the image, I was totally tempted to write something EXACTLY like this… hehhe ***