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Image credits: tioandria@DeviantArt

Quiet madness
reeking of havoc
created all sadness
in his monitored mind
now bereft of any gladness

Brutally hacked
by a throng of lips
hissing and cracked,
he tunneled out his way
with a soul now ransacked

In fits of sanity
he dived straight
into a well of reality
but soon rebounded off
fixed high walls of banality

Hit by realization
he churned in a smile
encrusted with adoration
letting out inaudible groans
while faking sugary adulation

Defeated by odds
he evened his pride
and thanking the Gods
he straightened his spine
and on manic paths, he trod

~~ Posted for One Shot Wednesday (week 49) – a place where poets are God, and poetry is worshipped! Check it out, and sink into that state of bliss… ~~