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Image credits: heart_sc @ DeviantArt

A syllable calm
Like oceans in your palm
Spelling tranquil
From life’s chaotic quill

It left in immense fury
in tiny beads of bold red

Spraying peace
Like a blanket of fleece
Quiet splatter
On soul’s bronzed platter

It hung low in mid-air
as if in deep grey thought

A serene blot
In an awkward spot
Resting placid
On brown papered acid

It fell on a wall of hope
purple in its efforts to cling

Soothed again
From a tortuous rain
Absorbed in lull
By mind’s robust hull

It gave in to its own will
now sitting proud in navy blue

**Posting this poem at One Shot Wednesday (week 47)… This is THE place for some amazing poetry, peeps! Take a peek, and stay stunned!! ๐Ÿ™‚ **