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Image credits: turtle_rn@DeviantArt

Where tall doorways open to
a plethora of unspoken powers
Where winding stairs lead to
a patio of the wildest flowers

Where chandeliers of tears
hang from arched high ceilings
Where closed chests hold
a treasure of hidden feelings

Where impenetrable ramparts
guard all chambers of integrity
Where refined tastes coexist
with a fine dose of alacrity

Where portraits of memories
carefully adorn long corridors
Where mysteries wait to be
unearthed from marbled floors

Where fountains of thought
flow beside the bravest knights
Where the moon spares a beam
on the most darkest of nights

This is my body
– my armed fortress –
This is my soul
– my whimsical mansion –
…is I…

**Written for Poetry Potluck (Week 35 – Theme: Fortresses, Castles, Palaces and Royal houses).. Check it out, and enjoy this tour de royalty!! You will be amazed at the treasures you’ll find here… **