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Image credits: "My Favorite Things" by ashesoffire00, and "Favorite Things" by phoenix_karenee @ DeviantArt... Superimposition of the images and the cloud effect was later done by yours truly...

White butter clouds
hanging oh so playfully
From silver chords
wound ’round sky’s own old pulley
Azure heavens
crisp and pure as can be
Kissed and nudged
by weightless zephyrs on sea

Caramel swirls
of a sweet salted delight
Set off alarms,
sizzle and make me feel light
Milk chocolate layers
that melt on my tongue
From moody
dungeons back now I have sprung

Voice so rich
like deep bass amidst clamor
Eyes that pierce
right through my heart’s hard armor
Dense shadows
of lashes dark, curled and long
And trembling
transparent like some frail song

If I can do
I sure will do
All that’s in my power…
To blow a few bubbles and indulge myself
In this warm sinful shower…

**I had originally written this poem a couple of weeks back, but had never gotten around to posting it… But today, I happened to see Lynda’s (aka Echostains) fantastic Poetry Challenge @ Bookstains, and I simply HAD to post it in response to the challenge (with a lil bit of editing so as to fit the challenge theme/criteria)… Gosh!! This was a whole lot of fun!!! Check out the challenge yourself, and play along… I bet you’ll LOVE it!! Oh… and try “singing” this poem to the tune of “These are a few of my favorite things” from Sound Of Music … :D**

***And what better place to put up this poem than One Shot Wednesday (week 44)! Maaaannn…. I REALLY missed y’all, my favorite One-Shot-Stars! Well well… now I am back… and all set to read too!! 🙂 See y’all soooon!!***

****And I am now adding this to Poetry Potluck (week 38) as well since I could not come up with anything more suited for the theme (Inspired by a song) 🙂 ****