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Image credits: Tess Kincaid @ Magpie Tales

… highways pot-holed and dusty
… memories, some faintly rusty

… clutch, gear, honk and brake
Pandus ever ready to take

… fresh whiffs of a salty breeze
… dense smog lending many a sneeze

… batter fried fish and rice
… lilting scents and tastes of spice

… shops filled with wares I love
… trinkets sent from Gods above

Chikoo shakes, masala teas
Pav bhaji loaded with cheese

… coconut palms spread like fires
… stone temples and carved spires

… family, friends, food and fun
… giggles, gifts and hugs-a-ton

… Chromatic tones of a peopled maze
… Eden drenched in sweltered daze

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(all pictures here – except Tess’s Magpie prompt and Jingle’s Perfect Poet Award – were clicked by meee… :))

**The above poem and pictures are an attempt to describe my recent and awesome visit to India… And coincidentally, this week’s colorful Magpie prompt was a perfect stimulant for me to make you “see and feel” this trip the way I did… I hope you enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed my visit! πŸ™‚ **

*** Quite obviously, I am also submitting this poem as a response to this week’s Magpie Tales…Thank you, Tess, for this super lovely prompt!! πŸ™‚ And folks, if you haven’t already checked out Magpie Tales, you should… RIGHT NOW!! :)***

****Also submitting this for Thursday Poets Rally – Week 42 ****

And here, I would also like to thank Jingle and all poets at the Poets’ Rally for giving me for this lovely award… and with pleasure, I nominate Blaga for next week’s Perfect Poet…

blushing in warm glee
like flowers swaying in Spring
clear bursts of fresh joy