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Image credits: maine18-d2ze229@DeviantArt

They had told me
I would find you in the woods
Under a moonlit sky
Making love to nature

They had told me
I would see you in person
Soaking in the sun
While dancing in wild ecstasy

I wanted to find you
I wanted to see you
To feel you

And when the butterfly glided by…

In its wings
I saw the color of your smile
In its pause
I heard the music of your touch
In its flight
I felt the span of your love

So I madly ran after it
While it knew nothing of me
I knew it would bring me to you
And I would catch you

**Posted for One Shot Wednesday (Week 39)… Check it out, and indulge in some amazing Poetry! **

***CONGRATULATIONS, One Stop Poetry Team on winning the Shorty Award (Art)… You guys TOTALLY DESERVE IT!! Yaaaaayyyy!!! Hope y’all had an awesome time in NYC!! I wish I could meet y’all… ***

****Just wanted to let you know that I am in Bombay, and trying to “absorb” the change in tempertaure…it’s 90F here… LOLZ!! Will be putting up some pictures soooonnn… ****