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Image Credits: laucish@DeviantArt

Set for air
Cab races
Raising hair
Long queues
Frisky check
Delay blues
What the heck!
But yon,the smiles
Tis no mirage
Making dull miles
A bon voyage

**Posted for Poetry Potluck(week 28) and for Monkey Man’s Sunday 160**

***Sitting with bags stuffed and packed, I’m all ready for my 3-week trip to India… So, for the next 3 weeks, in case you don’t find me visiting you regularly, please be a little patient with me… I promise to haunt your blogs AS SOON AS I am back… 🙂 In the meanwhile, I hope to be able to put up some fun pictures from my trip along with as many poems as I possibly can!! 🙂 With this, I wish you all a lovely time… C y’all sooooon!! ***