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Image Credits: Google images

Tall trees
sawed and axed
chopped and felled
Nature choked,
uprooted and quelled
trampled and then flattened
Only to fill a few empty handbags
sitting new and pretty in stores
Where’s the justice?
Someone is too
a bag
as one
if it does not
hold a thing inside

*I am posting this poem for G-Man’sΒ Friday Flash 55 and forΒ Theme Thursday*

**The idea for this was inspired the theme (paper) at this week’s Theme Thursday, and how it seemed to fit in perfectly with my recent packing activities for my upcoming India trip… I bought a few handbags for friends, and while packing them in, this was what I had observed!! Infuriating, really!!! **

*** The shape of the poem was inspired by a Sunday 160 poem called Roots of my poet-tree written by Brian Miller a few months back … I remember that particular poem by him because it was the first shape poem I had EVER read or seen.. and I was simply awestruck by it! Some poems just STAY with you… don’t they? ***