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Image Credits: birthstone@Deviant Art... And coloring of bubbles by me πŸ™‚

Each in their own sphere
Some of conscience
Some of defiance
Some of a fear
Some of vain pride
Some of dull bromide

Encased in a pellucid crust
Of shiny crystal shards
Of watchful guards
Of gathered dust
Of a rainbowy blur
Of shades of overt pallor

Claiming a bill of singularity
On processes of thought
On the battles fought
On a dais of parity
On brinks of going insane
OnΒ matters so often mundane

Bumping into one another
In empty open spaces
In concealed faces
In hued smother
In edifices of love or hate
In a concrete sidewalk of fate

**Posted for One Shot Wednesday (week 38) – Splash into a pool of amazing poetry here, and enjoy!! :D**