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Image Credits: Tess Kincaid@Magpie Tales

Despite all the promises made
Of never leaving the other
To him a farewell she bade
For her, he was just another

With his desire torn and ground
And a heart like crusted earth
He chose to listen to the sound
Of his whims for what it’s worth

Beside a blooming clover’s toe
Now patiently he waits
Eyes full of jilted lover’s woe
And fenced in memories’ gates

With purplish oceans of belief
A flower he softly holds
Hoping to heave sighs of relief
As love in time unfolds

But as the tides of seasons ebb
And strength begins to fray
In his mind, grows a thin cobweb
Of dreams and faces gray

**Posted for the wonderful Magpie Tales (week 57), hosted by Willow Manor.. Check it out for other lovely takes on this prompt.. **