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Image Credits: Lynda@Echostains

He: Change is a good thing
when it is for the better
She: What use is this quiet
if it becomes another fetter

He: Our boring lives will now
take on a brand new color
She: If blue turns to grey,
things can only get duller

He: Wind plays many tricks
on creaky wooden stairways
She: There’s more than just wind
in the deceptive empty hallways

He: For my safety, I have
a pitchfork turned candle holder
She: But it’s always safe
to look behind your shoulder

He: It is now all ours;
this giant old house
She: But here’s known to live
the ghost of a vicious mouse

**Written in response to the Bookstains American-Gothic Poetry Challenge**
***Also posted for Thursday Poets Rally (Week 39) ***

I would also like to thank everyone at Thursday Poets Rally for your votes and participation, and for honoring me with this lovely award…

rays of brilliant sun
with hints of a fading moon
signs of lovely day