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Image credits: Tess Kincaid@Magpie TalesShe’d wished for a guy,
the best under the sun
But what she got instead
was a diseased rotting lemon

She had yearned to live
with him in a seaside crib
But she soon found herself
within hollow walls of a fib

She’d once dreamt a dream
of being tended to with care
Instead, she saw herself
Living a dark nightmare

She had envisioned
For herself a life of peace
Somehow she ended up
Disjointed, in more than a piece

She’d truly hoped for
Her own heaven on this land
And yet here now she sits
with Hells’s bloodied fork in hand

**This piece of PURE FICTION has been written and submitted for Tess’s amazing picture prompt at Magpie Tales (week 55)… Go check it out, link in, AND ENJOY!!! **