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Image credits: Roulette by Yoane@DeviantArt

And as it rolls…
This green-and-red sly wheel
Spinning crazily, making you spin along
Racing thoughts scattered all around the place
Now c’mon! Pick your number… place your bets
Was it a guess? Some mess? Or signs of deep distress?
Eyes dart to and fro, beads of sweat forming your crown
“Higher!” A voice screams. Was it you? You have a doubt
Impatiently, you throw in all your chips! It’s all or none!!
Now the wait. When will the wheel stop rotating? When?
Did it just pause at eighteen? No. Maybe. Oh yes it did
Now if only life had been all that straightforward
And the ball would always find the right stop
On those numbers you chose to wager on
But alas that’s not how it works
(sigh) Oh damn!!

**I had written this a few weeks back, after watching Ocean’s 12 (or was it 13? Not too sure which one)… And sharing withย One Shot Wednesday today… Do check ’em out, and savor the lovely poetry there…and if you have a poem you want to share, do it!! NOW! :)**