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Image Credits: Tess Kincaid@Magpie Tales

She stood witness
To her own demise
Her dead dazzle
Like pirate‘s loot
She watched the world
With stifled cries
What was once Earth
Now shrunk to soot

Clogged within
And dismembered
Her fragments strewn
Now fills your urn
All greens and blooms
Stay outnumbered
By ashes grey
Left from a burn

Ripped and torn
Then made to fit
To you maybe
It’s just a game
But hearts and souls
Rent bit by bit
When patched together
Are not the same…

**Submitted for Magpie Tales (Week 54)… Please do visit it and be amazed by the amazing takes on this inspiring picture… When I saw the image, I could only think of Mother Earth getting slowing getting poisoned with all the plastic waste and war-damage… :(**