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Image Credits: Miss-Deathwish@DeviantArt

Umpteen shades of red and yellow
Floating in the dusky air
Like a pungent love affair
Sometimes hot, sometimes mellow

Maple leaves kept flying by
Crossing hills and giggling streams
Pushed ahead by muffled screams
Of winds rushing low and high

One little leaf painted red
Along with his soaring friend
Singing songs in soft ascent
Danced along, moving ahead

Together climbing tall mountains
And kissing peaks rising high
They waved greetings to the sky
And played by gushing fountains

They chased pretty butterflies
And floated by river banks
Cooing to the breeze their thanks
With trees waving their high-fives

Finally, they came to rest
Upon a tomb small but calm
And shedding a tear like a psalm
Hoping that they lived their best


**Had drafted this poem in the Fall of 2010, but finally posting it today for One Shot Wednesday :)… THE place for poetic awesomeness! **