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Image Credits: thegirlinthebigbox@DeviantArt.com

Ready to crumble
Yet never a grumble
She greets passers-by
That cast at her a sigh
Vacant smile on her face
Chewing on a patch of lace
She strays yet another mile
Love to her is now just bile

Heart crushed
Emotions slushed
Her spirit battered
And misery splattered
Feelings bottled inside
In vain she tries to hide
And courses empty streets
Playing at weathered pleats

Under a happy veil
Lies her skin too pale
The eyes mascara caked
Cheeks and forehead raked
Long gashes running through
Whose depth in time just grew
Her silken hair turned to matte
Flat and limp like some soiled mat

She now awaits a change in trend
Where the road ahead’ll say ‘Dead End’

**Written for One Shot Wednesday… A place where poets meet and share… check it out and indulge in the awesomeness! ๐Ÿ™‚ **