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Image credits: Daemon GFXvoid@DeviantArt.com

A small ‘hi’
popped on a window
Set my heart racing
skipping a few beats
every now and then
Melted all worries
Sent me into space
…and back too…
Got my head spinning
(not the space ride,
but that ‘hi’)
Formed a glazed sheet
over my round eyes
Made my fingers go numb
So numb… that…
“You there?”
almost went unnoticed

But it didn’t!
And I jumped back
to reality…
to being me..
to the blinking cursor…
to that glowing screen…
to him…
And feverishly,
with mock sternness,
I fumbled,
“Yup.. right here..

Maybe he sensed my madness
Or maybe he didn’t…
Time will tell
I’ll just smile…
And dream about him,
his tall dark silhouette
smiling back at me
from the other side
of virtual reality…

**Posted for One Shot Wednesday! Do check this out and indulge in the awesome world of poetry…**