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Image Credits: Tess Kincaid@Magpie Tales

Ms. Purity was her name
In honeyed milk she bathed
And in gold, was swathed
Much far reached her fame
Joyful was this youth…

Then came a horrid storm
And snatched her near and dear
Thus left with a mind unclear
She strayed from every norm
Then nothing was the same…

What was once soft and clean
Soon was wrought and shaped
Only to be tossed and raped
By hands too rough and mean
Amorphous was her form…

Shattered from this fall
Mildewed in nasty truth
She now stood sans all ruth
A hardened brick in the wall
At living death, she gaped…

**Posted for Magpie Tales – Week 51… Please check it our for other amazing takes on this image prompt! **