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Image Credits: 54ka@DeviantArt.com

The fear of rejection
Keeps him from loving
So he goes on shoving
Aside care and affection

Only to further char
The depth of his burning scar

The fear of a downfall
Keeps him from soaring
Flying or exploring
E’er leaving him to crawl

Only to further slide
Into dungeons where souls died

The fear of shadows dark
Keeps him from the lights
And much away from nights
Lest ghosts on him embark

Only to further walk
Down paths of tumult and shock

The fear of chaos dense
Keeps him from life’s fun
He’s always on the run
Forever foul and tense

Only to further scurry
Towards fields of pain and worry

The fear of all his fears
Keeps him from trying
For he’s too busy denying
The reason for his tears

Only to further flee
And sink in his own enraged sea


**Posted for One Shot Wednesday – Week 30… To open a chest of poetic treasures, do check this out! **