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Image Credits: Tess Kincaid @ Magpie Tales

Was it two centuries past
Or just few moments ago
When did I first let go
Seems like a memory lost

Caught in rusty sepia hues
Grainy and slightly scratched
Tears and grins here are etched
Without remorse or rues

Preserved in frames of wood
Behind thin sheets of glass
Or on paper cheap and crass
Or stashed under the hood

It could just be a picture
A still fragment of time
Or condensed into a rhyme
It could be sacred scripture

And so, as I sit and stare
I reflect on where it began
Two hundred strokes I swam
And yet I’m hardly there…

**Posted for Magpie Tales – Week 49… Please do check it out and indulge in other amazing takes on this picture prompt.. This prompt has a special meaning in it for me.. You’ll see why…**

***This also marks my 200th post in this amazing world of blogging.. (and hence the reference to ‘two hundred’ & ‘two centuries’ in the poem :)) A huge and sincere THANK YOU to all my readers and supporters… Without your love and encouragement, I could have never made it to this point…I hope to continue this beautiful journey with you as my fellow travelers… Will you?***