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Image Credits: le_mags@DeviantArt.com

T’was just another eve
A shadowy mesh grew on this sieve
The sun now eased its glow
And it soon began to snow

Then on a cobblestone street
As I walked my lazy feet…

With your platinum shine
Oh so crystalline
You drifted up to me
Just so I could see
You glided on my lash
Swung, then made a dash
And pecked me on my nose
I turned an icy rose
As if to say I love you
A soft kiss to me you blew
Very soon my heart you felt
In its warmth, you had to melt

And in the blink of an eye
I watched you dissolve and drip by
But your spirit still stays alive
And in it, I hope to dive

This evening that made me heave
Was certainly not just another eve

**Posted for One Shot Wednesday (Week 29)… For some phenomenal poetry, you’ve GOTTA visit them!! **

***I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that one of my short poems (Manic) has been featured in the January 2011 issue of Four and Twenty Poetry.. Yaaayyy!! I am very excited about this, and I would LOVE for you to visit the site (and open the pdf file and read my poem :))! Thanks for your love and support… I truly appreciate it!! ***