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Image Credits - DeviantArt.com

Hiding and showing
While craftily glowing
‘Tween soft mists blowing
You’ve a smile all too knowing
Humble and coy
Making souls buoy
With an impish decoy
You bestow a mystic joy
Alluring and urging
And well-timed emerging
You have our pulses surging
In love you leave us submerging
Glossy and divine
In the sky you shine
Making us yen and pine
With a million stars in line
Rising and dancing
While slowly advancing
With your looks entrancing
You seize two hearts romancing
Lucid and bright
In an inky skylight
You are a sure delight
On a dark mirthless night

**This moonie poem is posted for One Shot Wednesday, (coincidentally) hosted this week by our lovely  Moondustwriter… Do check out this week’s OSW and indulge in all the poetic goodness!!! 🙂 **