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Image Credits: Iardacil @ DeviantArt.com

Gaunt shadows lurking all about
With hollowed eyes, they sought me out
I drank my fear, drifting afloat
Time and again, I clutched my throat
Their silent whispers filled my ears
Louder than shrieks, they seemed to pierce

I found myself submerged beneath the surface,
Unable to breathe in the midst of this race.
The voices echoed through the pools of silence,
Darkness fell, bringing solace in the midst of violence.
For there was only chaos running through this mind,
As the shadows grew bolder, so cruel and unkind.

Amid dark souls, I lost my way
Soon began to stagger and sway
Drapes of doom had started to fall
And no one here answered my call
Buried in dread, and drenched in pain
I groped for hope, but all in vain

The shadows loomed over the will of my mind,
Kneeling down to fears my heart could never find.
Dread hung heavy in the sweetened air,
I found myself drawn to the Devil’s lair.
For darkness had found and corrupted my heart,
Taking with it all that the shadows could tear apart.

My mind went numb, and senses failed
All life now drained, my skin had paled
The spark had gone from my eyes gray
As if dark clouds stole light from day
I walked towards that gaping hole
Without a care, without a soul

Down, down the rabbit hole, I found myself falling,
Far in the distance, I could hear dark voices calling.
Unanswered questions raced through the fathoms of my head,
Ringing through the silence, all these answers that I dread.
These shadows always lurking in the corners of space and time,
Bringing back distant memories of the basest of my crimes.

Slowly drowning in floods of hate
Longing for salvation though it’s too late
I step into this cold abyss
I know not why I feel such bliss
A happy tear, a sated smile
As I walk with open hands to embrace my exile

**This is a poem which I wrote in collaboration with DeadPoet88… We built upon each others’ stanzas (me the first, she the second, and so on). We wrote the 7th (last) stanza one line at a time (alternately). And somehow, at the end of the poem, we felt as if we had written the entire poem ourselves! It was a whole lot of fun and a great experience writing it with her… Thanks a ton, DeadPoet88, for agreeing to write this poem with me… xoxox**

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